2020 CAR Partial Part 2

Welcome to the 2020 CAR Partial Part 2

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Partial Virtual WSC 2020 motions to be voted on 2, 5, 9, 10, 12, 15 and 34 (which is a substitute for motion #3)


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Motion 2: To approve the IP contained in Addendum A, “Mental Health in Recovery,” as Fellowship-approved recovery literature.
Motion 5:
To approve the initiation of the established process to revise the Fellowship

Intellectual Property Trust in the 2020–2022 Conference cycle.


Provisions of the Trust Instrument may be changed only under the following conditions:

1) Any motion to review proposed revisions to the Trust Instrument must receive the approval of a majority of regional delegates at the World Service Conference.
2) After such review is approved, proposed revisions will be open for a six-month review and input period, after which the proposed revisions will be presented in the Conference Agenda Report for adoption.
3) A motion to adopt any proposed revisions to the Trust Instrument will require a vote of "yes" from two-thirds of those regional delegates recorded as present in the World Ser- vice Conference roll call immediately prior to the vote.
Motion 9: To direct the World Board to create a project plan for WSC 2022 to create a new IP for women in recovery.
Motion 10: To direct the World Board to create a project plan for consideration at WSC 2022 to create a guide for online meetings.
Motion 12: To direct the World Board to create the Spanish-language Narcotics Anonymous (Basic Text), Step Working Guides, and It Works: How and Why available in an audio format.
Motion 15: Instruct the World Board to develop a project plan for the 2022 World Service Conference (WSC) to produce an informative video about Narcotics Anonymous, for Public Relations services [committees] and online publication, approved by NAWS, where it is briefly explained:
1. What is Narcotics Anonymous
2. How it works
3. How to contact NA
Motion 34: Acting as the trustor, the delegates present at the virtual WSC 2020, are continuing the suspension of Article 5, Section 3 of FIPT Operational Rules, while we make a decision about the future.  This suspension will expire at the close of WSC 2022.