2022 CAR/CAT

CAR/CAT Overview

  • For 2022, the Interim CAR/CAT has five motions.
  • There is a motion tally sheet on page 34 of the CAR/CAT pdf file.
  • We will need area responses by our next Regional Meeting on Saturday April 16. (This is so that we can bring the information to the Interim World Service Conference, which starts on April 23.)
  • For area representatives –  please fill out this online tally form for your area.


  • We are available to attend area meetings/workshops virtually if this would be helpful. 
  • Please contact us at  regionaldelegate@ncregion-na.org to schedule a workshop or get more information.

Upcoming Workshops :

Triangle Areas 2022 Interim CAR and CAT Workshop via Zoom
Mar 27, 2022, 2:00 PM EST
Zoom information:
Meeting ID: 986 436 3360
Passcode: KCBTPW

View the flyer and full event page


  • Interim CAR/CAT report (English PDF version)
    Note: There is a motion tally sheet on page 34.
    The CAR/CAT report in Spanish is available here.
  • World  Service Conference Page.
    This page has important dates, and links to the pdf files of the CAR/CAT
  • Powerpoint and Videos
    This page has .pdf files of the interim CAR/CAT report, videos, and Powerpoint files that review and explain each motion.