April 2024 Delegate Team Report

Hello NC Region,

This report brings you several updates about the happenings at World Services, the US Collaboration of Zones, and the Southeastern Zonal Forum. We have included a summary section for your convenience, followed by the full report.

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NAWS is focused on the World Convention, which is happening August 29 through September 1. Hotels are selling out, so it’s important to register and book your lodging now. Click for more.

We have enjoyed participating in the NAWS Strategic Planning process, which will shape the priorities for NAWS over the coming years. This is the first time the Fellowship as a whole has been directly involved in this process. Click for more.

The new NAWS Meeting Finder has been released, and we need your help testing it. Click for more.

The US Collaboration of Zones has created a new “National Presence” project, and it is being led by our very own Jessie N. Click for more.

The Bluegrass-Appalachian Region (Eastern Kentucky) has joined the Southeastern Zonal Forum. The zone is redesigning its website in support of a larger PR project, and is engaged in its own strategic planning process to better focus its efforts. Click for more.

We have attended two Service Symposiums this year, and have found them valuable. We will be proposing that the region provide funding for members to attend future symposiums, and are excited about a symposium being planned in conjunction with the Carolina Region near Charlotte later this year. Click for more.

Materials for all four Issue Discussion Topics have been released, and we are willing to facilitate workshops in your area. Click for more.

World Convention

NAWS is largely focused on the World Convention happening in DC this summer. This is taking up much of their resources beyond the basics of maintaining the office, shipping literature, etc. As previously reported, they are hoping for 24,000 attendees. All entertainment and hotels are filling up or full, so move now if you want to experience the convention. All information is available at na.org/wcna.

NAWS Strategic Planning

The strategic planning process started at WSC 2023 has continued and is going well. Zonal workshops were conducted to gather input, which we have participated in, and discussions have begun at the Conference Participants webinars regarding what to do with the information being gathered. This is framing the priorities for NA World Services for the several years. As previously mentioned, this is the first time that the Fellowship as a whole has been directly involved in the planning process, and it’s been very cool watching it take shape.

NAWS Meeting Finder

As a reminder, the new NAWS meeting finder has been published. Rather than listing meetings directly on na.org, it sends users to the most relevant ASC or RSC website. Please try it out to make sure it works for your area. Let us know if you run into any issues, and we’ll work with NAWS to get them fixed. The meeting finder can be found at na.org/phoneweb.

US Collaboration of Zones

In regards to the US Collaboration of Zones, they are currently considering a “National Presence” project (i.e. PR project). This is still in its very early stages. The project lead is Jessie N from the North Carolina Region/SEZF, and she is coordinating with NAWS and the other zonal representatives. More will be revealed.

Southeastern Zonal Forum

The SEZF is still working on the previously reported PR project involving Facebook. Zonal trusted servants are waiting to move forward on this until the SEZF website is finished being revamped.

The Bluegrass-Appalachian region (Eastern Kentucky) has officially joined the SEZF, and we are very excited to have them.

The SEZF is also engaging in its own strategic planning process. It’s very low key, and the goal is to identify the ways that the zonal forum can best be a resource to the member regions.  We will be finishing this process sometime between now and the end of the SEZF meeting at RDU in July, The outcome is likely to include PR projects and potential efforts at some sort of mentorship to increase the involvement and effectiveness of trusted servants, among other things.

Service Symposiums

It’s been a valuable experience participating in the Florida Service Symposium and Northeastern States Service Symposium. Networking with other trusted servants from around the country/world felt really beneficial to us and others from our region and neighboring regions. There was some excellent education on facilitation and CBDM, discussion of how to best implement PR and Fellowship Development, and a variety of other topics.

We are really excited for the event Brian is working on with Carolina Region and the potential we have to bring this type of excitement to our region.

The delegate team will also be submitting a motion at the next RSC regarding establishing designated funding for members of our region to attend these symposiums (and others) and bring these experiences back to their local areas.

Issue Discussion Topics

We are still ready and willing to facilitate IDT workshops for your area. All four topics have been published now, and we are raring to go. The next IDT workshop will be in Greensboro on July 6. Venue, time, and topic will be announced soon.

The topics are:

    • Gender-Neutral and Inclusive Language in NA Literature
    • Dealing with Disruptive and Predatory Behavior
    • Reimagining and Revitalizing Service Committees
    • DRT/MAT as It Relates to NA

Thank you!

We appreciate you allowing us to serve, and please feel free to reach out with thoughts, questions, or concerns. You can reach us via email at wsc@ncregion-na.org.

Jacob S and Jonathan B